What return do you get on your Facebook investment?

Comufy Social Suite Overview

Convert anonymous Facebook fans and advertising targets into visible customers, engage them directly and measure their value to your brand.

The Comufy Social Suite enables you to use paid, earned and owned media to drive customer Facebook login through a Facebook app, Webpage Connect or Connect for Mobile, and attach a rich social profile to those customers. Comufy then enables you to engage those customers with highly personalised and relevant content, on a 1-2-1 basis, and track all individual responses. Comufy’s ROI Calculator then enables you to work out the exact value contribution of each social customer to your business.

Universal Music have used the Comufy Social Suite for some time now and consistently achieve excellent results, with click rates on campaigns regularly in the 60-80% range and significant new customer acquisition through viral spread. Comufy is a strategic platform for ROI generation that we will be deploying across much more of our artist portfolio in 2013.

  • Deborah Hyacinth
  • Vice president, Global Digital Marketing, Universal Music